Audio Post Production

Audio Post Production / Mixing & Mastering

audio editing  •  audio mixing  •  audio repair and restoration  •  level optimization  •  podcast editing & production  •  audio mastering  •  prep music and audio for multi-platform distribution.

Audio post production happens between the actual recording, whether in a studio or on-site, and the completion of a master recording. It can include audio editing, audio repair and restoration, audio mixing, applying effects, equalization, audio mastering, audio level control, multi-band audio compression, and limiting. Audio post production is always done within the context of the recorded material.

There are typically two separate stages involved in post production: Mixing and Mastering.

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Audio Mixing

Audio mixing is a general term that involves balancing the various audio levels, taking audio from multiple sources and combining them into one or more channels or stems. The process typically includes editing individual audio files and tracks, setting levels of all tracks, frequency content (EQ), dynamics, panning positions, and adding effects such as reverb, delay, echo, chorus, and other special effects. Audio post production is done within the context of the recorded material (e.g.: the genre of music) and youe intended distribution channel(s).