Dave’s Specialties

  • creating music for sync licensing (film, television, and ads)
  • mixing and mastering multitrack recording sessions
  • complete song production
  • audio repair for the occasional boo-boos
  • sweetening & mastering your audio
  • live music performance (keys)
  • remote piano and keyboard tracking for your songs
Live in Concert
  • Over 30 years experience as a professional musician (piano, keyboards, arranging and composing)

  • Over 20 years experience in audio production, editing and engineering

About Dave Merkel

An experienced musician and audio engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry.

Dave’s job is to create original content, or take your existing multimedia assets, and combine it into an audio-gourmet meal that you serve to your audience and fans to support your music, or your message and brand.

Dave was born in the land of Dances with Wolves. Well, the movie was actually filmed in western South Dakota, not far from the Black Hills. Dave grew up on the plains in East River So Dak, a few hours east of the Black Hills. With almost 12-years of formal training as a foundation, his training and skills have taken him around the country from concert stages and piano bars to worship services, morning radio personality to audio engineering for broadcasters, recording voice overs to live event announcing, and as a regular at the bar. It all encompasses real life: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

It’s been a bit of a strange journey, but it all contributes to the way Dave approaches creativity in music, sound design, and production.

While his clients are scattered nationwide and worldwide, Dave lives in Billings, Montana, where both the mountains and plains of the northern Rockies inform his perspective on life and its many stories. The people in Billings, Montana are wonderfully welcoming, generous, and engaged in life.

“Magical production… I’m thrilled at what Dave did.”

Justina B.,

“Dave was great to work with … and produced a product that was exactly what we were looking for, couldn’t be happier!”

Val Y.

“It’s awesome! I love it! Thank you Dave! You’re awesome!”

Marina B.

“Dave is great at what he does, and is a pleasure to work with!”

Matt W.

“Dave has made each of my projects sound better. He has a great combination of good skills, is collaborative, and a patient partnership.”

Anthony C.