Online Mixing & Mastering Services

Your music is personal and emotional, deserving of care and artisan crafting — put it in the hands of someone who cares enough to get it right for you. Let’s bring the vision for your music to life, together. I will give your songs the clarity, depth, width, punch, and balance you strive for.

Whether you’re a singer-songwriter or a band, from intimate and delicate to big, wide and punchy, I’ll take your multitrack recordings to the next level: ready for streaming, ready for radio, ready for awaiting audiences and fans. Let’s give your music the dynamics, loudness, balance, width, and depth that music lovers are drawn to. Whether your tracks were recorded in a studio, on the road, or in your bedroom, I will add the depth, width, punch, intimacy, and polish that music consumers demand.

You can also opt in for additional production services like string arrangements, drum enhancement and editing, keyboard or synth parts, and other instrumental tracks to help you realize your vision for your music.

If you have any questions about any part of getting your songs mixed and mastered, or if you’re uncertain about any of it, please let me know. Some of this can be overwhelming, especially when talking about consolidating or packaging your tracks to send to me, and that’s OK. I want to make this as easy as possible for you so that you can concentrate on making music.

Your songs will jump out of the speakers with broadcast and streaming quality.

Give your music a sonic transformation to make it more of what it already is, and more of what you envision. Request a quote below.

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What is Mixing and Mastering?

Mixing is …

… a general term that involves balancing the individual levels of multiple audio tracks of a single song and combining them into a cohesive sound (hence the term ‘multitrack’). Additionally, frequency content (EQ), dynamics, and panning positions are set for each track. Effects such as reverb, delay, echo, chorus, and other effects are added to give a sense ambience to the recorded performance, with each instrument having its own space within the mix. Mixing is done within the context of the recorded material, such as the genre and your sonic vision for your songs. It is both art and science.

Mastering is …

… the glue that puts the finish and polish on the final mix, helping hold it all together, and is where levels are optimized for loudness. If the project is more than one track, such as an EP or album, mastering will bring the different songs together into one cohesive collection. Mastering prepares your music for final distribution; whether that is CD, download, or the various streaming services. It is the final stage of music production in which finishing touches are applied to prepare it for your listeners, audiences, and fans. Like mixing, it is both art and science.

This Studio Uses Calibrated Reference Sound

for the ultimate accuracy in audio