Song Production

Song Production Services

Quality production for your songs, backed by years of musical, engineering, and production experience.

Every song begins as an idea and vision, and you suddenly find it becoming a mission to put it out into the world. Dave will work with you to develop your idea to bring it to life.

Dave has experience in producing songs for streaming, broadcast, and sync licensing. You can record tracks yourself that will be included in the final mix, and you’ll have a direct connection to a vast network of worldwide instrumentalists and vocalists.

Full song production includes mixing and mastering. Your deliverables will include:

  • the main master
  • your metadata embedded in MP3 and AIFF files
  • alternate mixes
  • stems — to use as backing tracks for live performances or create your own alternate mixes

*More information about mixing and mastering can be found here.

All productions are created in a state of the art studio with premium instruments, software, and gear.

Let’s connect to see if we’d be a good fit to work together.

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