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The music comes out of me and into you and becomes all of us.
Together we take that out into the world. 

~adapt. fr B. McFerrin

Music: Live Performance

With over 50 years experience playing a piano or keyboard, it is where Dave is most at home. Beginning with a musical education that started in early childhood and continued through his primary and secondary education, his experiences have taken him to worship services in a wide variety of denominations and non-denominational churches, piano bars, concert stages, substitute piano/keyboards for touring acts, and untold types of special events. Dave’s music adds a sense of life to your event and setting. Put his vast experience to work for you.

Remote Session Tracking

Include piano or keyboard tracks in your productions that breathe life and are filled with expression recorded by a 30+ year professional musician, on stage and in the studio. A piano keyboard is Dave’s home.

Dave can read standard notation & chord charts, or play by ear.

Dave is comfortable with all genres of music, and can provide a wide variety of piano and keyboard sounds from the highest quality top-rated sample libraries: Steinway, Yamaha or Bechstein concert grands; upright; detuned; felt; e-keys like the Wurly or Rhodes; B3; pipe organ; synth; and more.

If requested we can work to schedule a remote session via Skype, Zoom or Google.


“Dave was great to work with. He completed the work quickly and made sure I was happy with everything. Very responsive to messages and I am thrilled with the final product. Definitely recommend!”

Sarah D.

” … an amazing talent for music.”

Jeremy S.

“Dave did a great job in a short amount of time putting together the piano music for our musical! Thanks!”

Nicholas Q.

“You are amazing, Dave!”

Mary P.

“Great production, wonderful communication, I’m happy with his work.”

Brandon D.

“Dave is amazing!”

Eric S.

“Dave is a huge talent. The things he can do musically are astounding.”

live concert prep
  • fill-in keyboardist/pianist and vocalist for touring & local groups

  • live music for special events

  • live wedding music

  • music leadership for worship

  • live music for private parties & receptions

  • occasional solo concerts

  • remote session tracking

Performance & Tracking Session Demo

This recording is a mashup of Dave playing diverse genres on piano.

Recorded in a single session, this highlights various playing styles in different genres: classic rock, novelty, classical, kids jazz, pop.


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