Voice Overs

voice over: the voice you hear but don’t see; the voice of an unseen person speaking

Voice overs can communicate your message in an impactful way. There is nothing like the human voice to communicate; it is our primary method of communication. The sound of the human voice can reach to the core of those in earshot, to communicate the message and the mood intended.

You have the opportunity to put the professional and personal sound of Dave Merkel’s voice to work for you, with over 20 years experience to back it up.

Voice overs that are:

Warm, Resonant, Authentic, Smooth, Trustworthy, Personable, Resonant, Authentic

Dave Merkel’s voice delivery can be fun, confident and authoritative, hard sell, movie trailer hype, friendly, gentle assurance, conversational.

Optional full post-production services are available to sweeten your audio, beyond just the voice over.

Why read about it when you can listen? Check out the demo reels below.

Voice Over Applications

  • Radio, TV, and Online commercials
  • Radio/TV/Online bumpers and promos
  • Audio books
  • Medical, Technical, and Financial Narrations
  • Movies and Public Announcements
  • Computer-Based Training and Web-Based Training (CBTs and WBTs)
  • Training Programs videos/audio
  • Trailers
  • Corporate Videos
  • Documentary
  • E-Learning Materials
  • E-Books
  • Flash, Keynote, and PowerPoint presentations
  • Voice Commands for Products and Appliances
  • Website Audio and YouTube Videos
  • Telephone Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Systems
  • On-hold messages
  • Podcasts
  • Cartoons, Computer Games
24 hour turnaround

24 Turnaround Available

Time is often of the essence in the process of multi-media production. Whether you’re a business needing to up sales, a broadcaster needing to respond to the unexpected, or a webcaster needing to get your content posted, you need quality audio containing a professional voice-over in your hands ASAP, to help make the impact desired. 24 hour turnaround is available on projects under 20 minutes in length. Edits and retakes for revisions are negotiable, providing you a firm quote for your project heading into it.


Demos from Portfolio