Sound Design & Sonic Branding

Sound Design

Give your storytelling a significant boost
with Sound Design

Sound Design is defined as the process of recording, obtaining, generating and/or manipulating audio sounds. Some examples include: the eerie scream in the movie Alien; the sound of weapons in sci-fi shows. Sound design is the sonic ambiance, sonic textures of being in a dry desert, underwater, in a dark scary place, outside in a thunderstorm; the only limit is the imagination. While moving pictures can create a visual world, sound design creates the sounds of those worlds, helping draw the receiver deeper into the story.

There’s more to the audio landscape than music. Everything from the ambiance to the interface sounds contributes to the overall design, and nothing ensures seamless audio like having an expert handle both. Sound design is vital in achieving the best storytelling process possible, bringing the audience directly into the story for an unforgettable experience.

sound design & sonic branding tool

MOTU’s MX4: one of the many tools Dave uses for sound design and sonic branding

Sonic Branding

a.k.a. Sound Branding, Sound Logo,
Audio Branding, Sonic Identity

Sonic Branding– also known as a Sound Logo — is the strategy, development and deployment of a brand’s unique ownable audio sound(s). It provides your identity by providing a clear and consistent sound (sonic) identity that is easily identifiable by your target audience.

Adweek defines it as,

“The process of ‘distilling a multimillion dollar brand into a few seconds of sound’ can be long and challenging, but it pays off–sonic branding signatures can be more recognizable than company logos or spokespeople.”

While it’s still a fairly new concept, a short distinctive melody or other sequence of sound can give your messaging significant impact.

Check out these examples of Sonic Branding:

HBO show opener

NBC network id

Intel sound logo

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