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Music Composition & Scoring

Music Composition & Scoring

dave's studioUtilizing the latest tools and technology in sound and music composition, Dave Merkel offers music composition for your project: scoring to video or film; theme music for broadcasts, podcasts or video casts; commissioned pieces for special events; and whatever you might imagine.

Music has a vital role in the telling of a good story. That holds true for movies, short-form film and videos, online or broadcast documentaries, live performances, and even commercial announcements.

A strong score can tell a story in ways that dialogue or visual cues cannot. Music directly shapes and/or sets the mood. It’s why music has become integral to movies, television shows, commercials, special events, and social movements.

Dave’s music can be delivered as scores for musicians to perform live or in a studio for recording, or audio recordings of MIDI mock-ups utilizing the latest technology for a very realistic sounding recording. The mock-ups are also useful for in-ear monitors when recording musicians, and as rehearsal tracks for performers.

Demos from Portfolio


Opener for “Dave & Jeremy Explain”

This is the opening sequence for an online video series.

Video editing and post production by Dave Merkel

Theme song, “Easy Enough” composed by Dave Merkel.  Written for upright bass and ukulele, with whistling and hand claps.

Listen to the theme:

Copyright © 2017, Dave Merkel.


This Wild Vitality

A short film interpretation of the ancient story from Genesis. Life’s meaning is often found in the struggle. The mytho-poetic story of Jacob wrestling with the angel is an archetype. Here’s what the author has to say:

“Life finds its meaning in the struggle. I have always loved the iconic, mythic story from the Hebrew Bible of Jacob wrestling with the angel. This interpretation, I hope, will resonate with those who identify with this archetype of one struggling in the long, dark night of the soul.”

Text written and narrated by: David W. Burt. Copyright © 2012 David W. Burt. All rights reserved.
Soundtrack music and sound design by Dave Merkel. Copyright © 2017 Dave Merkel. All rights reserved.

Listen to the audio only:


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