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Music Composition

music written for performance, video, film, commercial, podcast


Dave writes music intended for concert performance, score-to-video and film, commercial, theme music for podcast and broadcast

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Live Performance

live music for intimate to concert settings

Live Keyboardist/Pianist

intimate settings  ·  fill-in for touring & local groups  ·  special event music ·  personal concerts

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Music Arrangements

custom arrangements and scores

Custom Arrangements

get custom musical arrangements for the particularities of your performers and settings

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Sound Design & Sonic Branding

sound aesthetics and sound logos

Custom Sounds: Storytelling or Marketing

custom sounds for impactful storytelling, or a custom sound logo for your imaging

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“The music comes out of me and into you and becomes all of us. Together we take that out into the world.”

~ ad. B. McFerrin

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